Name ※must
Email ※must
Telephone ※must
Preferred Contact Time ※must
Nationality ※must
Speak Japanese? ※must Yes  No

It doesn't affect the process.
Annual Income ※must

Tennants wishing to relocate in apartment under 62,500 yen will need monthly income 4 times of the tennants rent.
Contract ※must individual  corporate
Company name ※must
Who referred you to us? ※must
Friend Name
Preferable Building Name ※must
We cannot introduce a room in same apartment you live now, under current contractor's name
Room type ※must

Budget ※must JPY
Distance from station
Working place/station name ※must
Approximate move in date ※must
All apartments are unfurnished.
Short-term VISA ( 3-6 months VISA ) not accepted.
You have read the requirements to rent a UR apartment.
Please note that we will not be able to contact you if you have not entered the correct phone number, email address and property name on the inquiry.
Please note that we will not interact with mail only, so we will always talk on the phone at first.